To find out information about the company

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To find out information about the company

To find out information about the company, you can do the following things:
Be honest with what you write and say. Believe me, this honesty will lead you on a positive outcome may never have imagined before.
4. Focus on salary
To find out information about the company
Focus on salary is generally disliked by the interviewer. This is because they judge you solely seek money without caring whether you contribute or not will be on the company.

To avoid this character, all you need is Your answer focuses on the skills and behaviors you so you are rated as the best candidate. The Affairs of the salary is it later because every company has a range of salary. If any have to negotiate salaries, are doing well (see his tips in this post).
5. Not knowing the company

Never come to place a job interview without knowing the company information. Why? Because the interviewers often ask things related companies to explore the extent to which the response or your knowledge against their companies.

Visit our corporate site
Phone our customer service to ask things related to public companies
Ask friends who worked in the company (if you have one)

6. Excessive reasserted themselves

You do have to accentuate the ability or “sell yourself” in a job interview. However, this should be done professionally and proportionately so it’s not redundant. The interviewers work generally does not like excessive candidate because that candidate would presume that they bring the issue at a later date.

The solution? Just inform your ability with regard to the position sought even though you have advantages in other areas. To make it more greget, use the STAR in Your ability to inform.

7. the Argumentative are arrogant

Other characters who disliked the interviewers work is argumentative are arrogant. For example, the interviewer to convey his opinion about what you suggested, then you are advised that your opinion is the most correct.

To avoid this, keep your opinions courteously. Don’t forget to convey gratitude on dissent expressed the interviewers work.

The character is one of the factors assessed in a job interview. Avoid the seven characters on the top so you can successfully confront any job interview.

3. Shoes

Sandals or shoes sandals are prohibited to be used when you are working in the laboratory. Why? Since both can not protect your feet when the solution or chemical spill.

Ordinary shoes are generally is enough to use as a patron. However, in the laboratory of a big company, the shoe is the shoe of salvation that is fireproof and certain pressure. In addition, sometimes the plastic shoe trays are provided to maintain the cleanliness of the lab if the shoe is used to get out of the laboratory.

4. Protective face

As the name suggests, the protector of the face (face shield) is used to protect your face from heat, flames, sparks and hot materials. This tool is used when taking a laboratory tool heated at high temperature furnaces, melting the soil samples in a lab-scale melting tools, and take the equipment heated autoclave.